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Another beach wedding location: San Vincenzo

San Vincenzo (St Vincent) is in the etruscan costa, below Livorno, in High Maremma. This is a  historical village thanks to its closeness to Populonia and the gulf of Baratti.

This was the site where the misteriuos people of the Etruscan lived. The territory of San Vincenzo is a perfect  beach spot for families, due to its long and white beaches but also because there are several natural park: it means that beside a beach vacation, there many archeological sites to see, such as Populonia, the ancient mines and few organic farmouses where they produce excellent extra virgin olive oil, honey and wine.

Where to marry

Rimigliano park with its long and dramatic beach which goes until the gulf of Baratti could be one of the location if you think about a blessing on the beach. For civil ceremony the town of San Vincenzo will be more than happy to celebrate the wedding (for civil weddings on the beach a special permission is to be asked).


Where is the party?

The Mistral is for infomal wedding and it will be completed renovated for next year, instead the first one, the Mariva a more formal and elegant but equally romantic and on the beach.

The Mistral is literally on the beach, you can sink your feet on the sand while you sip a glass of prosecco and eat some deliciuos local delicatessen while the photographer is busy to take as many pictures possible at the sunset. The sunset in Tuscany is amazing because you actually sea the sun going into the sea and it’s where the party start.


The Mariva is still close to the beach but it is the pinewood: cool air in the evening, few romantic and private spot to say “I do” while the cocktail can be served along the swimming pool and the dinner or lunch in their elegant restaurant.





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There must be a reason

cd9787e7-9208-42dd-99fa-2d49b1290ff3If even the Kardashian’s clan decided to come to marry in Florence, there will be a reason. A thousand of reason, I should say. If you look at the picture posted on internet of Kim looking at the stunning view of Florence, you understand that people come here because Florence is the most beautiful town in Europe as Kanye West said in a recent interview.

Nothing or almost nothing came out for the ceremony: we only know that the guests were not that 600 something, but less, that Andrea Bocelli (he sang) and Ermanno Scervino were the only italians and that the wine was from tuscany and that lucky them, the days was gorgeous!

You can rent almost all the amazing sites of Florence according to a new policy of the town hall. The money will go for restauration of the historical buildings.


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Eloping in Tuscany


Eloping is the new trend in weddings and I am doing a lot! A couple who want to escape from the tourbillion of having a wedding in thier country decide to marry during honey moon and Italy is the first choice, even because form Italy you can go to Greece or malta or other european country.

As I said I did a lot in the past and I am doing this year and next year too. Its is not as hard as wedding planning a wedding with 100 guests but it is equally challenging and extremely romantic both for the couple and me that I have to plan it.

Often a couple decide to marry in the town hall or in church, sometimes they don’t even have two witness. They just need a nice place to have an intimate reception, flowers (you cannot do without them), a photographer and of course make up and hair.

Plan your eloping, I have some dates available in September and October too, for info please email to  info@latestimonedinozze.com

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An intimate wedding

If you are looking for an intimate wedding, just the tow of you and few others people more, this is the perfect set. Not only because you have the possibility to rent the 5 rooms of the house, but becasue you can enjoy a typical italian wedding!

foto 1   foto 4 foto 5The house is situated only 20 minutes from Florence, we are in the countryside but surrounded by beautiful houses. A house full of details where the owner is an avid interior designer that develop the house and it surrounding every single year. Now, they are re-designed the garden and the parking for the guests.

foto 3

foto 2


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Following the Great Beauty: wedding in Rome

As everyone know “The Great beauty” directed by Paolo Sorrentino won the Oscar as the best foregner movie just last Sunday.

If you did not watch the movie I suggest to do it not because the movie is beautiful but for the alle beauties of Rome! Do you know that you can use as a location for your wedding some of the location used in the movie?

Villa medici is the marvellous villa on the top of Trinità dei Monti where it is possible to rent the space for the reception of your wedding as well as sleep in the rooms of the villa, only in that way your wedding will be a royal style wedding!



Budget: high

UPDATES: If you plan a religiuos wedding in Rome, please be sure to reserve at leat one year ahead. Major churches in Rome  during peack season such as June-July, end of August and September have lots of requests. This is not applicable if you think on marrying civilly.


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Meet your future Florentine wedding planner

On Sunday, March 16th 2014, from 4pm to 5pm I will be present at the Fair of Florence, spring edition . I had already a great success last October but this is time I’ll do something totally different.

 I’ll be there exclusively for couples who plan to get married in the year 2014/2015 and want to discover more about the possibilities of hiring a wedding planner to help them organizing their fairy tale wedding.

Many times couples are afraid to make a phone call or write an email. Many couples do not know what to expect, do not know how it works and are intimidated. This is an excellent opportunity for couples to talk to me and hear how it works.

After my presentation there will be the opportunity for those who want, to stop and talk to me and get more information or arrange a meeting in more depth. I will offer to those who decide hire me a special discount *
* The discount will be applied only on the compensation of the WP and only full wedding organized .

To subscribe here (totally free )

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Wedding in Amalfi coast

I was writing a post for my travel blog when I realized that it could be nice to write about weddings in Amalfi coast, especially in Positano, Amalfi, Ravello and Capri, of course (my dream!)

Positano is a charming town after Sorrento on the Amalfi coast and here the town hall agree to marry couples on its own terrace, overlooking the coast, the sea and Positano of course. It is possible to marry here everyday (including weekends) from 9am to 11pm! Info to weddings@comune.positano.sa.it


The location for a civil marriage in Amalfi are two the Salone Morelli of the town hall and Arsenale della Repubblica in different days and with different price.

ArsenaleAmalfiMore than that there is Ravello, the last of the Amalfi Coast, near Salerno. In this case it is possible to marry in Palazzo Tolla.

  in different dayes and wiIn th different prices.

rsArsenale della Repubblicaenale della Repubblica


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