He turned down his knees and finally proposed to you. You are wearing now an amazing diamond ring around your finger and you are in heaven because you are going to marry your charming prince. But the following day when everything is clearer and your mind and feet came back down to earth you realize that you have such a few time to decide whether to have a wedding in your home town or a destination wedding. Your memories, then, go back to the amazing vacation you took when you were a student. Tuscany was your final destination before returning to the US and your memories are still alive of all of the beauties you have seen: Florence, Siena, the Chianti area with its rolling hills cultivated with vines and olives trees, amazing medieval manors and renaissance villas, all in a place!
Every year according to a statistics of the Condé Nast Bridal Group at least 16% of first marriages are celebrated abroad and figures are extremely higher when it comes to second marriages. Marrying in the US can cost the couple even more than $ 40,000; a destination wedding much less and the quality of locations, food and drinks are always on the top level.
So, why not? Planning your wedding abroad takes the same time it takes to plan it in the States ;moreover if you decide to plan your wedding, for example in Tuscany, there are plenty of Wedding Planners ready to help you with the necessary documents, finding locations, caterers, photographers, video, arrangements for you and for your guests, transfers and site visits. It will be not only your dream wedding but also the one of your guests: it is a truly time to spend with your loved ones. In short, planning our wedding abroad could be cheaper, more romantic, less stress, more fun, unique and in a way more spontaneous.
According always to statistics, which are quite reliable, the best months to marry in Tuscany go from May to September when the spring and summer can guarantee (not always) a good weather.
Options are several: you can decide to marry in the city council of Florence or Siena, two ancient and full of art buildings, in the churches of Florence or in little PIEVE in the countryside or even in the garden of a villa or a castle surrounded by old trees, Italian gardens and fountains and then, afterwards a reception to follow with all the food and drink that Tuscany can offer.
Until few years ago only Japanese and Americans were the brave ones but little by little we found out that there are many British citizens that choose Tuscany as their wedding destination as well as Australians and Canadians and in the next few years, we believe, also citizens from Europe will decide to tie the knot in Italy. The reason is not only because of the stunning towns and landscaping but above all the cost and the fact that there is no a residence limit (in France, for example, has a 40 day residency requirement): after all, you don’t need to be Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to marry in Italy!

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