How everything started…

“I was alone in Florence: my all family lives in the US and I missed a lot the fact that for my wedding organization my mum was not with me. My dearest friend Simona accepted to organize a part of the wedding helping me with the choice of my wedding gown and with the flower arrangements of the beautiful church I chose for my big day!She had an acquaintance, well more than that to be honest, in one of the nicest and well known wedding atelier of Florence. I was at first shocked when I entered the amazing old palace and I was not quite sure about the price, I knew that If I wanted to wear the gown of my dreams I had to pay a little bit than I was thinking.

Well, after trying so many stunning princess style dresses I felt in love with the most expensive, of course! My friend talked closely to the shop manager and I was able to wear it for my day with a strong discounted. I could not believe that she took out few hundreds of Euros: I could never afford if Simona did not have that sort of friendship with that atelier… but the surprises for me did not finish.

Few months before the wedding I was totally confused about the florist but I remembered the beautiful flowers, plants, all the non-traditional flowers composition she brought me when she came to have dinner at my house. She arranged a meeting for me at her reliable florist. The church my fiancé and I chose was a Basilica full of Renaissance works of art so there were really no need in embellish with a lot of flowers and I asked Simona what she was thinking about. She told me that she saw two beautiful little trees in the shop adorned with perfect red ribbons (my wedding was in December) and being at Xmas and New Year’s time, red, was the perfect color.I was so happy about everything that I cannot thank her enough for the precious help and advice. The personal and elegant touch she naturally has added something special to the day.

(Fran, Florence, Italy)


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  1. sue says:

    interesting article about a marriage and a good friend i wish i also have 1friend like u.

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