Knowing the place you live…


You got to know the territory where you live and its tradition to advise people who want to tie the knot and make their wedding memorable before saying and propose something.
An old professor of creative writing at Syracuse University where I worked for four years in the 90ties, told me that the first rule for a journalist or a writer is to start writing about a subject you deeply know.
Being a native from Florence and very fond of my hometown, I started to study art history, food and wine and of course traveling all around Tuscany ( and subsequently all over Italy) to discover all the beautiful places we have to offer.

Later on, I started to work as a tour escort and that’s where I began to think about making a business out of it. I wanted to mix my experiences as a wedding consultant and my travelling experience. They are both strictly connected: how can you suggest a location, a perfect setting for a couple who choose and decide to spend money in a destination wedding if you don’t know what you are talking about?
The best part of my tour escort job was going to stunning manors in the Chianti area or visiting particular country houses or restaurants: I was and I am always very happy to discover new places and thanks God I always receive emails from places I don’t know and vendors invite me to go and discover what they have to offer.
It’s always a great pleasure to find out about different locations to submit to potential customers.
Both Florence and Chianti are known by many people now.
If you come to Italy, Tuscany is always in the list of what to see and because I deeply know Chianti (I go there every single week end!), I am very careful of searching for particular scenarios.
There are two or three castles in the Chianti area that are known from the majority of people but what I always am very fond of, is too look at locations and places that they are not known by the majority of people: this is a real mission to me.
Even when I choose a vacation destination I try to find very secluded places; places that have still a human atmosphere and not a mass vacation destination. It is hard nowadays, but I try, I still think that my region and in general my country has a lot of these places still.


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