San Gimignano


In the green valleys of Tuscany there is a very romantic place called San Gimignano and if you ever came even for a few days you couldn’t not have missed this charming, particular hilltop village. A very important and rich town during the middle ages now days San Gimignano is a mandatory stop for those tourists who come to visit Tuscany. Lots of agriturismi, hotels, farmhouses, bed and breakfasts but also Villas turned into charming spa hotels like Villa San Paolo just few minutes outside San Gimignano.
It was once a villa of the end of 1800 completely restored and enlarged by a more modern building connected by a passage that lead you between the past and the present. A resort with 76 rooms, a restaurant with a 360° view on the hills of Tuscany and a swimming pool overlooking the tower of San Gimignano and that’s why it is one of the best places where romantic couples coming from Florence, Siena all over Italy and of course tourists from abroad like to spend a week end or an entire week.
Marrying here could be a lifetime dream especially if you have few guests who appreciate the flavors of Tuscany (Villa San Paolo use ONLY products from the surrounding area): extra virgin olive oil, red wine of the Siena hills, the famous white wine of San Gimignano, the Vernaccia, the colors of the hills, the winding roads, the small shops, the cozy churches of san Gimignano as we as the vicinity of Siena, Volterra and of course Firenze, Florence.
The San Paolo is not only a special resort but also a SPA: thermal swimming pool, massages, sauna, Turkish bath. Believe me that after the stress of preparing a wedding, even a day of well being can save your life!

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