Piedmont, land of castles, wine and truffle!

I visited this castle last fall while I was visiting some close friends of mine in Asti, Piedmont.

Piedmont is so similar too Tuscany that every time I go there, I feel at home.  My good friend Cat and her husband wanted to show me this castle since ages, they said it could be perfect for your weddings in Piedmont….and they were just right.  The castle is surrounded by a large forest and a garden where in the summer it is possible to host the aperitif while eating in the big hall or in the courtyard of the manor. For those of you who want to do a civil wedding there is the sala consiliare, a room where usually civil weddings are held.

While I was visiting the castle with the help of the manager, my friends and I were almost “forced” to eat in the restaurant and try the “truffle menu”. I was delighted to accept the invitation because I love truffle very much.

If I have to give you and advice: this location is perfect for a fall weddings, exactly in the truffle and wine festival period especially because of the colors the Piedmont countryside can give!


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