Civil ceremony in a tuscan beach

I am more and more in love with beach weddings. First because I love sea and beaches, secondly because it is so romantic and third because it can be cheap.

Thanks to a couple who asked info about wedding beaches in Tuscany I was able to get info about the procedure. Unfortunately, many city council on the tuscan riviera require the wedding to be in the civil court, so indoor and not so often outdoor. The story  is the same: only if you know someone in the city council can give you the permission to marry outdoor, in this case, on the beach.

Then, last night I received aphone call  from an acquaintance of mine and while we were talking I was able to udnerstand that with his help organizing wedding beaches could become for me not only a dream but a reality!

spiaggia biancaThe beach in the picture is one of the beaches where it is possible to have your beach wedding dream!

Thanks to my friend it is possible not only to have a symbolic wedding but also a civil one or a non-catholic religiuos wedding.

Few kilometer from the beach there is the Medici Bay Sporting club with the best restaurant of the area .

So, why don’t you enjoy one the most beautiful resorts of Tuscany?

Best months: June,July,August, September


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