Cost of a tuscan wedding

I re-edit this post I wrote some times ago:

How much does it cost  a wedding in Tuscany? This is the most common question I am always asked by potential clients. When planning a wedding abroad you should have at least few things in your mind:

1) How many guests

2) Will I pay for their accomodation?

3)Will I have a 3 days party

4) Will I have a symbolic, civil or religiuos ceremony?

5) Formal or informal?

6) Castles or farmhouse, villas or restaurants?

7) How much wil I spend for details, decoration, flowers etc etc

If you probably have 50-60 guests and you will pay for at least two nights accomodation you should be aware that your budget cannot be less than 30000. If you dont pay for guests accomodation a budget on 20000 is fine.

But if you are more keen in having a simple, cozy, romantic wedding for about 40 people (or less) in Florence then your budget will be much lower than the above mentioned and believe me you will have a memorable wedding as well.

Please keep in mind: Castle and villas require a rent to pay  around 4000/6000 euro

Catering starts from 100,00 euro plus vat per person

Paying more does not mean to have a better wedding, believe me! Feel free to ask me a quotation to

The standard of my weddings is for budget that starts from 20,000 euro if you have about 50 guests, much less ( a lot much less)  if your guests are below that, please email to and explain what kind of wedding you would love and we can start planning together your memorable wedding!

High season in Tuscany goes from April until end of October


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