Cost of a tuscan wedding 2018/2019

I re-edited this post I wrote few years ago:

How much does it cost a wedding in Tuscany? This is the most common question I am always asked by potential clients. When planning a wedding abroad you should have at least few things in your mind:

1) How many guests

2) Will I pay for their accomodation?

3)Will I have a 3 days party?

4) Will I have a symbolic, civil or religiuos ceremony?

5) Formal or informal?

6) Castles or farmhouse, villas or restaurants?

7) How much wil I spend for details, decoration, flowers etc etc

If you probably have 50-60 guests and you will pay for at least two nights accomodation you should be aware that your budget cannot be less than 30000 euro.

Just for your information: Castle and villas require a rent to pay  around 4000/6000 euro

Catering starts from 100,00 euro plus vat per person (vat for food is 10%)

Paying more does not mean to have a better wedding, believe me! Feel free to ask me a quotation to or fill up a form 

High season in Tuscany goes from April until end of October

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