Wedding in Tuscany Summer 2010-2011

LTDN Weddings and private events would like to give  a present to all those couples who will choose to wed in Tuscany during summer 2010 and summer 2011.

If you reserve your Summer 2011 wedding ( May, June, August and September) by May 31st 2010, LTDN Weddings and private events propose a 10% discount.  Moreover if you plan your wedding in August you have the extra gift of the bride bouquet.

 If you, instead, would like to get married in summer 2010 but you think it is too late, don’t worry, Simona and Silvia are here to help!

If your guests are no more than 25 people and you think about a simple, romantic and fun wedding you can do it from a starting rate of € 12,000* (Excluded accomodation and transportation)

 * The price is based on a standard wedding (i.e. restaurant in Florence or Chianti with typical tuscan menù, flowers, civil wedding, symbolic wedding, photo, WP cost)

If you want to know more please email to


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