Wedding at night, My Nozze Crepuscolari

This is the kind of proposal photographers will hate, I know, but my romantic nature together with other romantic souls have put up in our mind this new concept. Marrying at night or right after the sunset in a magical garden in Florence.

 LTDN Weddings and private events have just thought about the new wedding frontier, the Nozze Crepuscolari, just two steps from Porta Romana, in Florence, there is the biggest private garden of Europe where it is possible to organize itOnce, a ten hectares garden was first designed by the French architect Luigi de Cambray Digny.  Digny combined the natural elements of the garden inserting natural pattern with artificial elements. He put symbolic figures following the esoteric thought. Nothing dangerous, of course, but corners where the the hypogeo (literally means “underground”, from Greek hypo (under) and gaia (earth).[1] It usually refers to an underground, pre-Christian temple or a tomb), the  Arcadia, the  Romitorio, the Gymnasium, the bird house, the orange house, the Ladone streem con with its romantic bridge and the defense tower built by Granduke Cosimo I of the Medici. All these natural elements will conduct the guests into a romantic mood.

The Nozze Crepuscolari are thought for a young, romantic and artistic couple who want to celebrate a blessing or a symbolic ceremony only between June 15th until July 31st 2011.

Wedding package:

Cocktail and blessing celebrant, Music (optional),Flowers (optional), photographer (optional)

The price (please ask for it at includes:  Garden rental, blessing celebrant, cocktail, WP coordinator, price based on 20 people (For more than 20 people prices upon requests)

Not included: Transportation, Hotel, Flowers, dinner (candles included) other particular wishes of the couple upon request

Please note: this is completely a new kind of wedding concept therefore the cocktail will be served before the ceremony! Prices upon requests for after the wedding celebrations in disco, clubs or restaurant.


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