You don’t need to go to Caraibi island to get married…

Within few hours by plane from the major european cities (certainly much less than going to Maldives or Caraibi) you can get to a fairytale island in Tuscany called Elba. This is the biggest of our region. You can land in Pisa or in the small airport of Elba and then reserve a trasfer to your hotel.

I went there last week end for a relaxing small break but also because I wanted to see if there were some possibility to start organizzing weddings in this amazing island.

Thanks to a generous friend who invited us in the hotel  he works as a manager I had the exclusive opportunity to know people who could be of a big help with special permission.  It is not easy to get civilly married on the shore: few places in Italy allow to do. This is because of the burocracy but also of the lazyness of some italian city council. I, then, thought about Elba island, not only becasue it is a real gem of Tuscany, but because I thought to find people on the same wavelenght.

I would like to offer clients coming from Europe (but americans, australians and the rest of the worls are welcome as well!!!) the possibility to get married on a beach at the sunset or at dawn in a legal way. I want to show them how magical it can be to say “yes” on the white shore along a path of flowers, with a soft music and  being embraced by the hibiscus, juniper and pine smell!

Elba has not only the magnificent beaches here below but also: good fish, excellent wine (Aleatico is one), mountains paths for hikers lovers and scuba diving!         for 2011 weddings (May, June, September)

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  1. Very nice post Simona! We’re waiting for you next visit.

    1. scappitelli says:

      See you very very soon

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