When music comes from nature

Last week end I was talking with a friend from Milan and even if she is not particularly interested in weddings she started to turn the pages of one of the thousand magazines I have. She pointed me a dress she liked, then a table arrangement and she started to think about the music. She said to me that even if she was very fond of music she could not think about her wedding with the music. She is a very “nature” person and the sound of music she could think of was the sound of certain summer animals, like cicadas, birds and crickets.

I told her that during the cocktail, music is almost essential, certainly not rock and roll, but a little bit of instruments that play give a certain atmosphere to the wedding.

Few days after I am still here to think about the sound of nature and I think that probably she was not completely wrong.  Sitting under this tree in this hot Tuscan summer with the unceasing sound of the cicadas during the day and the crickets during the night, I picture a warm summer wedding, white like the light of the sun, parents and friends who are enjoying the food, the wine, children who run around the house playing hide and seek and a man and his wife in love with each other. Around them, the only music they can hear comes from the insects on the trees and the buzzing of the guests.


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