Napoleon Bonaparte lived in Elba Island

If you decide to come to Elba as a wedding destination you better know some part of its history. You certainly know the story (unfortunately it is a bit long to tell all in this blog) of Emperor Napoleone Bonaparte who was born in Corse, lived in France and travelled all over Europe in search of some kind of glory.

After so many battles and wars, the French Emperor was obliged to retire at Elba island by the new french king who was a member of the Borbone family.

Napopleon in disguised took a boat from sounthern France and arrived in Portoferraio. The enemy exiled him but he recognised him as a sovereign of the island. He arrived in Elba on May 4th, 1841. He wanted to live in Portoferraio where he built Villa dei Mulini and added a floor so that he could have a better view of the sea and above all the boats which came and passed trough the port.

Napoleon had a controversial personality and it is said that he was always in movement, a very active man and even if he was exiled for ten months in this amazing pearl of the tyrrenean sea, he started to built  streets, defenses, infracstructures and the famous mines of the island.

While he was restoring the island, Elba became the cultural centre of Europe where poets, artists, spies and travellers came here to know the man who hold Europe in check!

Many of them lived in one of the residences of Napopleon others in the so called Auberge Bonroux, where his army used to live.

This is still a very lively island with lots of events both in the summer and in winter thanks also to its temperate climate.

I will post  from Elba from tonight until sunday. Tonight in the narrow and cobblestones streets of Capoliveri there will be the wine festival: I will tell you more when I get there!

If you want to know more:

Here below you can find some pictures I took last July!

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