Wedding in a garden

Palagio dei pesci is a renaissance building overlooking the magnificent view of Fiesole and it is devided into apartments where a very lucky person I know live. The life of someone living ina historical building is the life of anyone else, but when a mutual friend said to her: “You are such a beautiful italian garden why don’t you show it to my friend, a  wedding planner, who is looking for a private garden to celebrate symbolic weddings?” .

I drove my car to Fiesole with this mutual friend and I falled in love with a place. The private area, that is the house it self is full of antiques, because of the man of the housband who is fond of antiques pieces, but the garden was the part I was looking for.  A truly italian garden with british grass and lemon trees, a pomegranate tree and an amazing view on Fiesole.

The maximum of guests is 20, and there is also the possibility to have a cocktail afterwards. price is very interesting. The period goes from end of may until october. Write to:


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