Inspirations from Kenya: a land with magic colours


I just returned from a week away in Kenya with lots of information. The excuse was an escape from Florence and its cold (yes, it is still cold and rainy in Florence and Italy in general) but at the ennd has been a trip where I took lots of ispirantions for beach weddings and not only.

The savannah’s colours (red, pale cream, green) the light and the thousands of different handcrafts the locals sell inspired me a lot as well as the seas side part: the light blue of the indian ocean, the white sand, the corals, the starfish, everyhting can be transfered into a etno chic wedding as well as a casual beach wedding.


Another reason I went there is because I was taking contacts with a local agency who rent also villas. A friend of mine is thinking of having a destination wedding next year (this time around) and I started to take some information about papers and accomodations for guests.

Kenya is also a destination for a magnificent honey moon, further info for renting villas, hotels, private apartments visit the site



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