Capoliveri wedding (Elba island)

Last week end even if it was an exceptional week end in terms of weather, it wa sa very proficuos in terms of arranging almost everything for the beach wedding in July.

Capoliveri is such an amazing hilltop town, where from the the main square, you can have a marvellous view of the sea and the roof of the town of Capoliveri.  Few km form Capoliveri there amazing beaches, the Innamorata, for example, Barabarca and many others. Some are reachable by cars some others by a small walk.

It was nice sitting on the square at Sottovento, the aperitif  stop for all the tourists arriving in Capoliveri and for the prople of Capoliveri, imagine on how the wedding will be.

The first part will be in the church near Capoliveri, famous because all the Capoliveri hinabitants wants to marry there, then we move to the beach for the civil ceremony.

My personal thank goes as always to Hotel Lacona


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