A british couple wedding in Florence (Palazzo Vecchio and Four Season lunch)

IMG_0001“What made the difference in this wedding were the prople” told me the bride at the after wedding party in one of the nicest club in Florence.

She wrote to me last March because she wanted to set up the wedding on September 17th and she wanted to be the last for that day. We made it. She got the date and the time she wanted and asoon as we met in an amazing April day in Florence and sat with a glass of white wine in the historical cafè of Rivoire, we know that it was a nice match.

They were such an amazing couple to work with and the several emails we exchanged help her to arrange her weddings as she  wanted to be.

I arranged the wedding at the sala Rossa, the flowers and support with hairdresser, make up, taxis and after dinner wedding party.

It was such a beautiful and warm day in Florence, they were so happy and when you have your close family and friends, you have everything: you don’t need much.

I know that I have new friends now in the UK …

Photo by Rosapaola Lucibelli  

Location: Fours Season in Florence

IMG_0035 IMG_0037  IMG_0138 IMG_0221 IMG_0476


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