Rendez vous, a romantic restaurant in Elba island

I just came back from  Elba island for a last week end on the beach.

I spent the saturday in Pianosa island, which I am going to talk later and for dinner, my friend wanted to bring me in a restaurant she knew and ate particularly well.

We drove trough the winding roads of Elba island from the gulf of Lacona (we stayed in the same hotel) until the fishermen village of Marciana Marina.

We parked the car and trough a narrow road we reached the promenade where the restaurant is situated, the Rendez vous. It is in front of the sea and this is a very romantic situation, but it is the food the best part. Yes, of course if you are with Mr Right even better, you have the sunset, the cool air but all things  must be put together to an excellent cuisine, good wine and an amazing service. The owner comes to your table and explain all the dishes, he explain every single plate and what to drink, if red or white and if you go to Elba yo have to taste their local wine. Fish is the king of the cuisine but if you don’t like it (like me) they have very good grilled meat!

Nevertheless to say that it could be a good location for your wedding dinner in Elba island.


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