As I many times said I am not only working as a wedding planner but  also as a teacher for future Italian wedding planners.

But after so many courses throughout Italy I had a dream to share with the CEO and President of Kronos Consulting, the school and together we thought about the first wedding planner course entirely thought and taught for the English audience.



The course will be an intense three days, based on a week end where the student will learn on how to organize, create a wedding in Italy, specifically in Florence.


Kronos Consulting is a well established firm in Florence which works in the educational field with various courses all over Italy for the past five years. Together with the Italian wedding planners association, Wedding Angels, it gives students the opportunity to learn all the aspects of the wedding planner job.

Dott.ssa Natalina Villanova, the CEO of  Kronos Consulting and President of the Wedding Angels together with Nicola Santini a bon ton guru as well as a TV well known journalist and Simona Cappitelli, a wedding planner based in Florence who works with both Italian and foreigner clients, create the first wedding planner course taught in English for abroad students.

If you are a foreigner student and your dream is working in Italy, understand the country and know the territory as well as understand the wedding world, this might be the right course for you. The course is taught entirely in English but by Italian teachers who are more than happy to share their knowledge with you. You will learn the Italian way of organizing the event of the event, taking all the aspects of the organization.

Curator and Manager: Natalina Villanova

Tutor and Vice President of the Wedding Angels , Italian wedding planner association: Nicola Santini

Wedding Planner and teacher: Simona Cappitelli of the La Testimone di Nozze, weddings and private events in Italy
Official course of the Italian wedding planner association, Wedding Angels:

The association  is an idea of Natalina Villanova : “to promote the work of the wedding planners and the development of them,  trough fairs, events, workshops, courses and to put them in collaboration with private societies both national and international representatives and much more”.

The course will develop into three  full days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday  and will give the possibility to students to see two different locations, Palazzo Vecchio, the site of all the civil weddings in Florence with a visit to the Red Room, a castle in the Chianti country side and  another stunning location in Florence with of course a lesson in class.


For the first information on  dates and time please refer to


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