Americans in Florence, the american impressionists


It is not strictly connected with weddings but I find interesting to share a fantastic exhibition that takes place in Florence from March 3rd until July 15th 2012.
Palazzo Strozzi will be hosting the work of the American painters of Impressionism and spent time in Italy, focusing in particular on their relationship with Florence between the 19th and the 20th centuries.
Visitors will be able to know painters such as William Morris Hunt, John La Farge and Thomas Eakins.
Though tending not to mix with the local population, these American colonies in Italy learnt the lessons of the most up-to-date Italian painting of the day and themselves had a certain impact on Italian artists and thinkers, introducing sophisticated and cosmopolitan lifestyles and adopting a more relaxed attitude towards women.
The exhibition will include female portraits of great quality in which women symbolize the modern American nation-young girls, adolescents and even children, often dressed in white, embody the purity and the hopes of an entire nation. The female portrait theme provides a link with the activity of American women painters, who were more emancipated.
Full price € 10.00

Opening times: Daily 9.00am−8.00pm
Thursdays 9.00am−11.00pm
Tickets sold until one hour before closing time.

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