Two blog weddings


If four years ago, when I opened my first blog, someone would have told me that I met so many friends, that from my blog I started up a job and that, by this simple blog as there are thousands in the world, I even ended up of organizing two weddings of my two of my blog friends, I would not have believed. But let’s go with order.

I met the first bride trough another blog, then, she started to read mine, became friends and son on.
Well she had a first child, then another and now the marriage. She has so many things to think that she needed help and here I am. Moreover she has something like 200 guests and a limited budget. She will have her wedding in the blossom of the spring, so stay tuned that i will tell you how it is possible to cut on budget when you have so many guests.
I met instead the second bride trough my blog: she also getting married but in the middle of the summer and in a very exclusive location with about 80 guests. I will keep you posted as well and even in this case, the budget used is a medium one.
It’s nice to see that a blog born from my passion for weddings is helping  two blog friends in their best day.

Thanks girls!


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