Wedding proposal in Tuscany


Just two days after I launched my wedding proposal post in this blog, I received an email from an Australian guy who asked help for proposing his girlfriend. She was very fond of Tuscany, and she always spoke about olive trees, the countryside, and the vineyards so it became very natural for him to ask me to organize something in the countryside. With the complicity of two of my friends who owns a Winery estate in Mercatale Val di Pesa, in the Chianti area, I started to think about the most romantic, private wedding proposal of all.

This wedding proposal is a part of three different wedding proposals I offer my clients, the other two are in Florence.

He rented a car and arrived at Salvadonica estate just in time for the sunset: the setting was the cypress road the estate has on its back, a very private area of the estate itself. We arrange with a table, a bouquet of flowers, a champagne bottle with two glasses and strawberry (asked by the guy) and of course a violin player throughout the moment. It was all very romantic just because it was very particular; they were not disturbed by other clients who silently watched everything from above the swimming pool. After the proposal they enjoied each other’s company by chatting, dancing and simply hugging and toasting to that precious moment.


Wedding proposal in Tuscany is an exclusive of La Testimone di Nozze weddings and private events


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