A wedding proposal at Christmas

Well this is not the Rockefeller Center but the heart of Florence! If you plan a romantic break for Christmas in Florence (and by the way the  atmosphere will be great!) you can always plan ahead your wedding proposal! It could be on Ponte Vecchio surrounded by the sparkling windows of the jewelry shops or a secluded terrace, or an ancient green house with private dinner and violin playing all you dinner around or a romantic ride along the medieval streets of Florence touring in a carriage or again, are you both share the same passion?Cooking, wine tasting, art? I can organize a cooking lesson with surprise (your surprise of course!) or a wine tasting in antique cellars of a medieval castle in Chianti followed a romantic dinner or if you love art, you can always follow a tour with a professional guide to the Uffizi or the Academia and propose in front of the Michelangelo’s David or the Venus of Botticelli!

If you want to discuss with me please email to info@latestimonedinozze.com

i.e. Please note that Christmas high season period goes from December 8th until January 6th.


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