The wedding Honeymoon

GHVSerbelloni - Sposi in giardinoThere always more and more couple who decide to wed during their honeymoon. To be true I have organized these kind of weddings since the beginning of my career, but now, it seems a must for young couple. First of all because probably you come back to the real meaning of marrying, secondly because of money matters, third because probably you are the kind of people who don’t want too much fuss around you.


Italians don’t really understand this attitude but in Florence young couples coming from Australia, UK, Brazil and so on come in the Renaissance city to marry (religiously or civilly) then have their honey moon passing along Venice, Rome, Amalfi Coast, Capri and maybe Sicily. I think this will be the most romantic wedding you can possibly dream to have!

Thinking about cost, you literally cut a lot of costs: music, flowers, place, transportation. You have to think about photographer, make up and hair and a fresh bouquet for the bride!


If you want to organize your wedding honey in Florence, please email to or





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  1. hildeluize says:

    Hi, I read this post and I got really curious about how a honeymoon wedding works. I’m Brazilian and my fiancee has double citizenship – Brazilian and Italian. Could you give some more information, please?

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