Meet your future Florentine wedding planner


On Sunday, March 16th 2014, from 4pm to 5pm I will be present at the Fair of Florence, spring edition . I had already a great success last October but this is time I’ll do something totally different.

 I’ll be there exclusively for couples who plan to get married in the year 2014/2015 and want to discover more about the possibilities of hiring a wedding planner to help them organizing their fairy tale wedding.

Many times couples are afraid to make a phone call or write an email. Many couples do not know what to expect, do not know how it works and are intimidated. This is an excellent opportunity for couples to talk to me and hear how it works.

After my presentation there will be the opportunity for those who want, to stop and talk to me and get more information or arrange a meeting in more depth. I will offer to those who decide hire me a special discount *
* The discount will be applied only on the compensation of the WP and only full wedding organized .

To subscribe here (totally free )


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