A small, intimate wedding in Florence


A young, beautiful, brazialian couple decided to put all their money not in having a big party in their homeland, but put money on the trip to Italy, and have their dream wedding in Florence.

20140808_184059 20140808_183213 DSCN1965

They wanted a small chapel, only their parents and two witnesses, me and a friend of mine. So, I called the only priest in town who speaks portuguese, Padre Sergio (he has lived in Brasil for more than 20 years), and Padre Rosario, priest of the Chiesa dei Padri Filippini in Piazza San Firenze, centre of Florence.

The church is huge, but theyve a lovely small chapel where it is possible to get married.


They loved the idea, so it was easy and smooth to organize everything.



Hair and make up: Contrasto

Photographer: Alessandro Giannini

Flowers: Il Fioraio di Stefania Masiani

Dinner: Brunelleschi Terrace, Hotel Baglioni, Firenze

Wedding designer and coordinator: Simona Cappitelli, LTDN weddings and events in Italy

City: Florence


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