Special upscale elopment in Elba island

In few weeks my new web site will hit the web but meanwhile I would like to propose you something special and unique: a full delux elopment in Elba island. 

You can see my weddings in Elba island herehere, here , here and finally here.

For 2016 I thought about an inspirational wedding on the beach, with fine and up scale vendors in Elba island, an island very close to my heart, full of fond memories.

Elba island can be reached by ferry from Piombino and there are several top class hotels that off season can have also some affordable prices.


Off season is the best. Elopment in April or late september and october are the best. the crowds have gone, the sea water is still warm enough for a plunge.

The package is good for 2016 and 2017 elopment beach wedding (not religiouos) and includes:

  • Beach wedding with a celebrant
  • Photography session from preparation to photo shooting after the ceremony
  • wedding planner assistance
  • romantic dinner only for two 
  • make up and hair
  • music for the celebration and for the dinner (one instruments or two)

Please feel free to ask quotation to wtuscanyeeventsinitaly@gmail.com

Please consider low season, you can save up to 20%



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