Why you should consider a winter wedding in Florence


I know everyone wants a summer wedding: nice weather, swimming pool, colors etc…BUT you know that, especially, in these years, the weather has been bad in summer too therefore we cannot aboslutely predict if your summer wedding will be a real summer wedding! Plan A or plan B? That’s always the question when picking a venue.

In winter this is a problem that it is not contemplated. Simply because it exists only a plan,  inside, without a but or a if.

Some of my favourite locations (like the two pictures here) only accept winter events, that is low season means less expensive. 


I know also that most of us have summer holidays but a great escape could be having the wedding in your bank holidays (Thanksgiving, for example, Xmas/NewYear Eve vacations, bank holidays or simply a low cost week end in January or February).

Is it cold? Well considering that it is winter, it might be,  but we have lots of ways to keep warm: wool blankets for the guests, hundreds of candles, the heat is on, and our faboulous Chianti red wine will help, I am sure.

Another beautiful location I love, certanly perfect for a winter wedding stands very close to the city centre of Florence. This place I have always thought that is was nicer in winter than in summer, simply because the garden which surrounds the building does not belong to the greenhouse therefore it is not possible to use it.



Last but least (Oh no, at all!) is the Conventino, a once church now turned in a location with a stage – once the altar sites- where after the dinner the band will lead you to the first dance and then into the wild.


If you think of a last minute wedding or a 2018, here I am wtuscanyeeventsinitaly@gmail.com ready to help you!




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