The wedding venue: an update tip

Private venue

The idea of writing this article came because of a couple whose wedding is in few hours and who chose a wedding venue only because they have an amazing vacation two years ago.

Remember your perfect vacation site is not automatically perfect for your wedding day

and the reason is simple. When choosing a venue you have toconsider many factor: the first one is weather, logistic and space.

If a venue was simply perfect for your romantic gateway you need to think twice about your wedding. Sometimes couples are thrilled about a hotel or villa where they spent few romantic days and they immediately think it might be perfect for their wedding but sometimes it is not like that.

What if it is going to rain? Do they have a nice space as the outside (very rare to find, I must admit), is logistically realistic? Are they a kind of flexible? What if there are other guests? Will be able to play music until very late? You will realize that in very few cases it is possible to do so.

Sometimes it is better to choose each location for the purpose of that moment. Enjoy a beautiful romantic vacation with your half but then build other memories in another. This will be your excuse to come back and return to different places.

Villa Tolomei

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