Is it safe to marry in Italy?

It’s been a tough moment for Italy. The virus hit us and left us unprepared to face all the consequences: a flu, a different one, but still a flu destroyed the work of many of us working in the tourism field.

Wedding planning is strictly connected with tourism and it plays a large part for destination wedding.

As of today, I have been cancelling only a site visit with a couple in April (which I hope to reschedule soon) but all my 2020 weddings are still on the agenda.

You cannot wipe off the work of a year-minimum- all the money involved, organizations, dreams in few hours.

Panic is not contemplated in this time and we have to all play a role.

So, calling off all the dreamers who want to marry in Italy:

For 2021 WTuscany opens also in Lake Como, Piedmont, Marche, Spain and Santorini as well as an amazing chalet in the French Alps for those of you who are not scared of some chilly air!

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