Important tips for a 2022 wedding

I received quite a few emails from couples who would love to marry in Tuscany (generally in Italy) but too afraid to put down deposits, especially for the venue.

I understand your fears, that are mine too. For 2022 weddings and on I decided to give the possibility to couples to put down an option date with the venue you like without paying the deposit.

How it works:

You decide the venue, you decide the date, you put an option with the venue until a certain date that we can decide together. If the venue receive another request from another couple in your same date, the venue manager will contact me to see what you want to do. If you are not ready yet to book, the date will pass on the couple who is willing to proceed.

Please note that this can do only once. If you want to put on another date you can, but the venue management will give you only a certain time to decide.

How it works for me

If you are happy with me and you want me as your wedding planner (I will be delighted!) you pay a retain fee of few hundreds so that I can assure your date on my agenda. If you want to change your date, the money you put on are still valid until you decide for sure you want to go ahead with your wedding and a formal contract will be issued.

Note: all the other vendors ask a retainer once you book them and as we are still in uncertain times I suggest to start book them only few months before your wedding.

Info and booking wtuscanyeeventsinitaly@gmailcom Special wedding planning fee applicable to those who want to marry in September and October 2022

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