The wedding photographer, a matter of personal taste

On two things you don’t have to look at budget: makeup and hair for the bride and a good photographer. The first one because brides want to exalts their inner beauty, the second because a good photographer captures all the passages, details, emotions of the big day and you will go on for the rest of your life to look at those pictures. I used to look at my parents’ wedding photos for ages, and they got married in 1966!

I have my favourites of course and if I have been working with them for quite some time now, there must be a reason. Professionalism, flexibility, creative minds and very fast in giving the couple their photos.

There is also a big difference between a man-photographer and a woman photographer.

I have noticed that men try to focus more on the bride and the couple rather than details or moments.  They like more to be concentrate on capture the ceremony moment or the single portraits of the bride.

Women, instead, look more into details, little details, emotions of the couple and what happen around them.

None of them are wrong this is just really what couples want.

There are many styles now and the flower arrangements you choose might be of help in choosing the photographer.

Definitely if you choose to have your decoration all green and white or all green and pale pink shades, you will choose a photographer who usually a very bright approach to photography, instead if you choose a deep green and burgundy or orange in all shades, brown etc, the photographer will have a more dramatic style.

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