Let the music plays….

Ceremony, aperitif, DJ set, closing time all you need to know

Music has always been a good part of my life and this is part of the wedding which I want my couples take particular attention. So let’s start

Ceremony: Either you opt for a religious one, a civil binding or a symbolic ceremony the entrance of the bride, bridesmaids, groom and whoever you want in the processional is extremely important but there are some rules to follow. If you opt for a religious ceremony in the catholic church, you need to know that music is allowed only to be religious. Do you like a love theme for a movie, nope, do you like a song you heard on the radio, nope. Just religious songs. I do have usually a list of music catholic church approve.

If you instead want a civil binding or a symbolic ceremony you are free to play all  songs you like, even hard heavy metals J

Cocktail: plenty of solution. From live band, duo, to classic music, to DJ – I will go into depth later on this post

Party: DJ or a band, you have to choose your style!

DJ or band?

I like both, I love my MUSIC partners and they all fully loved by couples. It really depends on taste and sometimes on budget and venue space.  Also, both the DJ and the band can cover the wedding from the ceremony to the party if you are not interested in having live musicians.

I have to say that I am very proud of my music vendors as they are not only knowledgeable, professionals, empathize with couple and try to get into their taste (even if the couple few weeks before the wedding has to share the music play list with the musicians or the DJ) but also they are all incredible good looking!

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