First wedding after two years: Sicily!

The first wedding after almost two years! I felt so blessed, full of emotions, like the bride!

Sicily has a special place in my heart, visited many times, family relatives there… The colour of this land is so precious: the sea, the salty air, the colour of the sky, the food and the wine.

If you want to have a complete experience of Italy you must come to Sicily and probably you can organize a wedding also on a budget but still amazing!

This particular one was between Erice and the countryside of Trapani, probably the less known part of Sicily but because of this less touristy. The best period to be here is certainly May, June and September were crowds have gone and Sicily is of Sicilians.

Photo by Collephoto

Mua: Patrizia Tavella

Flower: Atmosphere Palermo

Venue: Duca di castelmonte

Church: Chiesa di Sant’Orsola

WP and event: WTuscanyevents

Second WP: Claudia Moritz Tranchida

Fruit of Sicily
An impatient groom
Church decoration
Ready for dinner

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