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I live in Florence, I am from Florence and I deeply love my town and its surroundings. I have been working for many years as a tour escort organizing tour for Americans and leading trips all over Italy. I know my city and Tuscany  like my pockets and I am very happy to share my knowledge with people who want to have a real Florentine experience.  Organizing weddings came later, when I started to “work” as a maid of honour for about 20 weddings in the past few years…looking for details, locations, caterings, churches, is my mission as well as organizing weddings and make every possible effort to find the right solutions for the couple.

Either if you dream a castle, a villa, a modern loft, a private villa in the country side or in Florence, I am more than happy to discuss with you. Do not hesitate to write an email to  wtuscanyeeventsinitaly@gmail.com or skype me wtuscany  but to avoid waste of time from both parts it is mandatory to send me your request with date of wedding, nr of guests and approx budget.

Please to contact me use only the email , do not leave a comment here, thanks

Would you like to organize a wedding, a wedding proposal, a family reunion, or just a photo shooting in Florence or in the Tuscan countryside?


How it works: After the first email you send me, the first consultation is for free, then if you ask me to find already a location there is a preliminary contract to sign and a fee to pay which will be deducted if you want to go on with planning

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  1. Briege Magee says:

    Hi, I am planning on getting married in Florence at a villa in aug 2014, can you give me an idea of exactly what you can do for us and prices for your services please?


  2. Priscilla Taima says:

    Hi! Found you in a Brazilian blog, you organized the blogger’s wedding.
    Me and my fiancee would like to know if is possible to get married in Italy still this year, 2015.
    We have a budget of € 10000,00 and thinking of 20 people more or less. The number depends of how much it would cost for us to pay or if our family have the possibility to go or help us with the costs.
    I am descendent of Japaneses and my fiancee is descendent of Italians.
    We want something very small, romantic, in a chapel, rustic, at a village if possible and lots of nature. We love day light weddings!
    Simple decoration with a Asian touch.
    He is martial arts teacher and I am Pilates instructor.
    The reception will be lunch, or brunch depending of the time and costs, no party. Maybe a lounge music or a local artist that plays acoustic guitar and sings romantic songs.
    Photografy and video as well, and a beauty professional for hair and make up (me, moms and the girls).
    Wedding cake and tables of sweeties are desirable.
    We are planning our honney moon to stay in Italy and pass by the principal citys there. Let me know if you do the booking (aereo and hotels) part.
    Thank you for your time!
    I will wait for your answer.

  3. Rosangela Raffaelli says:

    Olá! Sou brasileira e gostaria de me casar na Itália, a principio em Padua, na basílica de Santo Antonio. Quero apenas uma benção. Não haverá convidados ou festa. Gostaria que a benção fosse fotografada. Quanto isto pode me custar? Tenho que já ter casado no civil para casar no religioso na Italia? Pensei em casar apenas no religioso ai. Voce organiza eventos assim? Viajarei para Europa em março de 2016. Meu nome é Rosangela Raffaelli.

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