I know that 2021 gives still uncertainty and I understand because I feel the same. That’s why many couples look ahead, 2022 will be for sure the year of the rebirth for all of us, we have to believe it, therefore if you don’t feel Ok to plan a 2021, I am ready for 2022 and so many vendors in Italy, Spain, Greece whoever you would like to tie the knot, I will follow your dream.

Lets dream together!

Please enquiry wtuscanyeeventsinitaly@gmail.com


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  1. Hello Simona,
    I’m Brazilian and engaged! So happy! Me and my fiancé dicided to get married in Italy, We have a few relatives there.
    First We were thinking about Verona, then We found you and Firenze and we fell in love. We are still in doubt about the place but definitly our marriage will be in Italy.

    I would love to learn more about it and get to know it better. We have no idea of prices and other stuff but We were thinking about a small wedding (30 people, not even one more, just less), something really simple and intimist. Just religious wedding. Our budget is between €8.000 to €10.000. Is it possible to make it? Please contact me. We want our date to be june 18 ,2016.

    Can´t wait to read your answers.

    Thank You!
    Renata Guzzatti

    1. Penelope says:

      Oi Renata, meu caso é parecido com o seu. Você obteve resposta?

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