Winter wedding in Florence

When planning Elena and Ema’s wedding we had a big issue. No, it was not the date of the wedding nor the weather. Elena and Ema were very sure about the date, January 13th, their anniversary. Elena was alwasy very sure to have her wedding in winter. She did not want their guests to be…

I love bouquets

The most exting part of this job is when I bring the bouquet to the bride. Her eyes are like stars, tears are so near that we have to come up with a joke to relax a little bit. You can seesome examples of bouquets done in the past season…waiting for 2018      

May 5th 2018 FREE DATE

Due to a last minute cancellation the date above is free. If you want to wed or elop in this day in Florence or immediate vicinity my fee is 70% off my original price. For enquiries please feel free to email to or      

In love and in war

  All of my couples have amazing stories to tell but this couple I think they had the most amazing stories of all. They met thanks to a book and because of this they were very sure that they wanted to get married in a library. They had in mind also which library in Florence,…

Call in all 2019 couples!

I feel blessed. This year has been amazingly good to me.  I will always remember all my weddings and my beautiful brides and of course grooms. I will remember the laughs, the tough times, their smile,  hugs, kisses, the pure joy around the new couple and the privilege to be a part of it. 2018…

2018 weddings

          If you plan a 2018 wedding is never to later to think about it, especially if you plan it in September. I have very few dates…   Rush up if you want your dream come true in TUSCANY