Booking 2022 – Early booking 2023

In these uncertain times I don’t know if I have to be positive or not. I spent the last months cancelling and postponing all my weddings into 2022, I have always been a very creative person, a woman who have always thought about the future and challenges have never been an obstacle for me.

I need to think about the future with new things to do and to plan.

Even if I am a very habitual woman I have always tried to something new, never lived in my comfort zone and that’s probably why I am a great traveller, always looking for the difference.

Organizing weddings in Italy is what everyone do but since last year I started to think about moving my business to other countries as well.

Spain was the country I had in mind: first of all, it is very similar to Italy, very good food and amazing venues – I have already selected some and they are all to die for.

The area I am going to work with are Barcelona area – very convenient from all over Europe – and Ibiza, the white island.   

Barcelona area is great because there are all venues in the countryside, fincas as they call but very close to the sea as well. Ibiza is an island where you can have a relax time but also lots of fun.  

For smaller weddings another good option is renting one of the villas I selected for you.

I will write few posts so keep an eye

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