1.  If I ask in the email about location search or other details, will you be able to give it out?   It is possible to ask for free general question but after the third email if you want to know more such as locations names and so on, there is a fee to pay which can be deducted on the final price if you decide to go on with the wedding planning.

2)      How does it take to organize a wedding or event in Florence? If you want to get married in the town hall of Florence, the bookings are six months prior your wedding date: if you want to plan an event from one year to eight months before. Please note that town hall bookings or religious booking are not permitted one or more year ahead the date of the wedding.

Please note also for civil wedding the agency require an extra fee on top of the agency fee.

3)      Why do I have to choose WTUSCANY EVENTS for my wedding? My deep love for this job and the deep knowledge I have of my town and region gave me in the past 10 years a lot of credibility. My weddings are all different because couples are different, but in one thing they are all the same: romanticism. Of course mutual trust is a must for me. We take our job very seriously and we expect clients do the same.  If you are really interested and motivated to organize your wedding with WTuscany events, I will be very glad to hear from you back.

4)     What do you mean with complete assistance during the wedding/event? We give 100% assistance from the first moment we receive your email or call until the final goodbyes after your wedding/event. If you want a stress free budget we can reduce our time and there will be only a limited time of hours spent together for the organization of the wedding.

5)     How can we choose a location if we don’t know Florence/Tuscany? As above once you have selected three locations we will give you our feedback with photos, sometimes videos etc. Site inspection is strongly recommended. If you have signed a contract with us, it free of charge. If you want to go for site inspection without having signed a contract yet, we require a fee that can be deducted from our final cost once the wedding is confirmed.

6)      Would you help us with documents?? We can help you with all the documents necessary civilly and religiously married, please see point 11  for more info on this issue

7)      How do we get to Florence/Tuscany ?Reaching Florence is extremely easy thanks to its airport. Within a hour you can reach Pisa airport or by train from Rome via ES just 1 hour an half.

8)     I would like my wedding as memorable as possible, can you help in that? Certainly, we have Dj, band, and much more. All of them are professionals with years spent on a stage and behind instruments.

9)   Where civil ceremonies take place in Florence? Civil weddings take place in the Red Room of Palazzo Vecchio and other venues. Please note that from 2019 WTuscany Events will add a fee to the agency fee if the weddings are civil or religiuos. For symbolic wedding is included in the agency fee. 

10)   What are the documents for civil weddings?   Each country has its own rules and each town hall in Italy has its own as well therefore the amount of stress trying to understand what it is necessary is a big effort from both clients and wp. Moreover if your citizenship is different, the stres sis double, unless you have an italian citizenship and if you are part of AIRE, the italian resident abroad.  For the last years we have seen many couples deciding to get civilly marry in their home country and then do a symbolic wedding with a celebrant in Italy. In this way you will not have a legal paper but certanly you will have a more intimate and personal ceremony.

11)    How long is it the civil ceremony? The ceremony last approximately twenty minutes.

12)    What if I don’t speak Italian? The town hall does not have an interpreter therefore you should have one (wtuscanyeeventsinitaly@gmail.com). The interpreter for civil wedding have a cost of 250 euro.

13)    Can I personalize the wedding location?  Sure, you can personalize with flower, decor, music, etc.

14)    How many days before do I have to be in Florence? It depends: Americans should be in Florence at least five days before, UK citizens, three days ( things might changed after Brexit, please refer to the your town hall), Brazilians who marry religiously 3 days are enough.

15)    Can you organize a wedding in a synagogue, or celebrate a protestant or orthodox wedding? Sure. In this case it is better to start to organize up to eight months before.

16)    Where can I see your website? The website is http://www.wtuscanyevents.com

The new one will come shortly!

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