Wine wedding in Artimino Resort

They came last October to choose their location and immediately it was a bang!

We liked each others from the very beginning! It is something called empathy or electives affinities…something that happen to people when they recognize each other and put trust in each others. And then, they were so beautiful…a couple full of energy and you could feel that they were deeply in love. After few days around Florence and Tuscany we ended up in Artimino resort and they immediately fell in love with the estate once a country residence of the Medici family.

They decided to do a blessing ceremony held by a groom’s uncle but of one thing they were sure: the color palette to use. September is the harvest season in Italy and the color should have been wine color .

So burgundy hydrangea, roses, vines branches, brown leaves etc…an arch with a view, the aisle with petals and their love….

Images explain a lot in this case

IMG_6292 IMG_6308 IMG_6314 IMG_6333IMG_6375IMG_6388IMG_6390IMG_6397IMG_6420IMG_6433IMG_6468IMG_6492IMG_6496Wedding design and project :Wtuscany and events in Italy  Simona Cappitelli

Flower design Stefania Masiani

Location: Artimino Resort

Photographer :Alessandro Giannini photographer in FlorenceIMG_6336

A wedding under the may rain


It was a wet day but their smiles brought the sun during the day.

The ceremony was set up as always in the church of Padri Filippini in Piazza San Firenze and the light lunch was supposed to take place on the terrace of the hotel cavour, just few steps from the church.


Bad luck, it was raining all the morning and impossible to open the terrace and set up the wedding lunch therefore it was placed inside, not the same appeal but what can we do with a weather like that?





Photo credit: Alessandro Giannini photographer in Florence

Hen party sailing to Elba island


Between a wedding and the other I found the time to organize also a fabolous hen party trough the mediterranean island of Elba, the biggest island of Tuscany.

I was among the crew of girls :)  and we had an amazing time!

The leaving harbor is Punta Ala, one of the nicest little ports of Maremma (south of Tuscany), just one hour and half from Pisa airport and two hours from Rome airport.

unnamed1 unnamed2 unnamed3

You can decide to leave the port on Friday afternoon around 7pm and within three hours you will be in Elba island, in Porto Azzurro.

You can have your dinner on board and then on Saturday you can enjoy and relax on the warm, calm and clear water of the little island. In the afternoon you reach Porto Azzurro, lovely colourful fisherman village where you can have dinner in one of the hundreds restaurants and peacefully rest in the port with other boats, yachts and lovely company.

Drinks, fun, music, chatting with your girlfriends, do sailing lessons and so on… a perfect hen party in the perfect tuscan sea

Sailing hen parties could be held between May, June, July, September and October


Price:  between €€ and €€€

A wedding in Radda in Chianti


Gentle hills, farmhouses, castles villas, olive trees, vineyards…this is the image that everyone has of Tuscany and it is true.

We are like to live in such a magnificent land.

That’s’ why also thousands of people choose Tuscany every year to say “yes, I do”. Whatever is your taste of conviction you can choose between catholic weddings, blessing, civil ceremonies etc…

  1. and B. chose Tuscany because it was their dream to tie the knot in this thousand mile destination from their home country. They wanted to share with the closer and dearest their big day in a countryside environment that they found in Radda in Chianti.

 20150606_141157 20150606_151449

They married in the amazing church in the centre of the village, and then had their dinner at Relais il Vignale, just few meters from it.

Photographer: Alessandro Giannini

Location: Relais il Vignale

Church: San Jacopo in Radda in Chianti

Wedding coordinators: Simona Cappitelli and Laura Emanuelli, for Wtuscany and events in Italy

Flower design: Stefania Masiani

*These picture are taken with ipad and cellular therefore the quality is not high…

20150606_170645 20150606_170655 20150606_223313

Wedding in Maremma

Dramatic, wild, green, simple life, olives and vinyards landscaping, few km from the best sea of Tuscany (Argentario, Alberese, talamone etc), great food – pici and wild boar is one of the specialties – great wines, Morellino di Scansano is the prince here and hundreds of other different reasons for organizing a wedding in this land. Not so overused like Chianti, Maremma can give you exceptional places for your dream wedding, especially if you dream a wedding with high quality food and wine at a low price. The prices here are not the one of Chianti!foto 1 Magliano in Toscana is a charming hilltop village where it is possible to wed in one of the churches or have a civil wedding along the walls that encircle the little place or to have a blessing overlooking the village, the sea, and the lands. unnamed This place is called Borgo Magliano resort. foto 2 foto 3

Monastero di San Bruzio

Monastero di San Bruzio

Borgo Magliano can host all your guests in the hotel rooms or in the apartment. You have several areas where you can have your wedding: around the swimming pool, in the piazza and of course if you are not so many in the patio terrace where you have still a fantastic view. foto 1 foto 2 foto 3 The dinner or the lunch can be served in the restaurant where the good hands of the chef will prepare for you the most deliciuos reception ever tasted! Believe me, I tried! If you instead want to balance countryside and beach, we can organize your wedding on the beach in Talamone, Alberese etc tc… foto 5 foto 4 Borgo Magliano and its area is perfect for those who want good food, good wine, good quality, romanticm, enjoy life, relax, art village and splendid sea waters at a resonable price  for your booking

A new life for Wtuscany&Events in Italy

Everthying changes, we develop ourselves constantly. My company as well.

Starting next year my company will go under a massive change.

I will organize more exclusive and upscale weddings.
This is not a snobbish attitude but simply I want my clients experiencing not only a wedding in Tuscany but the best possible memories to share with the loved ones, I want them to experience everything: from food cooked by top italian chefs, to exclusive locations, the best vendors ever, the most remarkable moment of the life of the bride and the groom.
Photographers, florists, make up hair, musicians, to DJ will be among the most qualified and professional in Tuscany.
To do this I need to concentrate most of my time in weddings in Tuscany, with some exception for weddings in other part of Italy but always in the same line.

January Brazilian elopment : a letter from the groom

Today I decided to share with you the letter a groom wrote me few weeks ago. I asked him the permission to publish it and he said yes, of course, publish everything.

I am not very inclined to share my successes but this couple was so in much with the city and with everyhting that I decided to share with you. The letter is in english.

You can see some pictures here, the link of the photographer

Hello dear Simona .

How are you?
First of all excuse me for the delay in response, I was until last
week traveling through Brazil since I came back, solving various
professional matters and I chose to write you when I got home, with
calm and tranquility.
First of all I would like to thank from all my heart that you have
been present at our wedding, to have been part of the happiest day of
my life! It was all very beautiful, exactly the way we dream one day,
by the way was better that we dream before.
The ceremony, the church, the city, the day was absolutely magical
indeed not remember in all my life have felt a thrill like this. I
should also mention how much Lyana and I appreciate your work and how
held at our wedding, although we have known each other in a short time
and for a few hours, we sympathize much with your person from the
bottom of our hearts!
We are in love with Florence, Italy and Europe in general, I come by
this email thank you so much, every day I remember the times we lived
on that date as if they were today.
Our trip was wonderful and amazing, we are lots more happy and mature,
more united as a couple in general, and above it we came back with a
wish in common is that go live in Europe.
We consider several things and think too much, this will not out of
our head, the more we have some fears and anxieties that’s why I’m
telling you this, cause you borned and lives there and can tell us
something relevant as your point of vision.
As you know we have a very good life and well economically structured
in Brazil, Lyana is profissional advertising and has a job very solid,
me along with my father have industry and we have some goods that are
significant, in a rational way would be to madness leave it to
eventually go through the most difficult situations going to live
there. But just as we have faith in our will and competence in triumph
even in adversity, in reality this experience also encourages us,
because we live things different and I believe that life is more
interesting about these new experiences and challenges that we propose
instead to stay always in the most safe and comfortable.
What makes us think is also the situation in which Brazil is
experiencing, unfortunately the culture here means people find that
cool is not be correct, it is always profit over the next, this comes
from the highest ruler, we have no security, we get out our house
without knowing whether we will return, or if we will return live.
It´s sad, but unfortunatly true.
We saw the way people act there, much people act properly and respect
the next it makes us admire and want to live in that reality. We are
afraid of failure we feel our parents with distance, but they love us
and support us in the decision that we gonna make.
Well, sorry to take your time but thought that an idea or guidance
coming of you would be very interesting and important to us.
It was a pleasure meeting you, a honor have your talent to make our
special moment, you are very competent and a incredible profissional.
I miss Italy every day, as I told you I feel an absurd desire to live
there. Meanwhile’ll see what life brings me.
Thanks again and I hope that one day Lyana and I can find you again.

A big kiss.

New wedding destinations for 2016

For the upcoming season (Gosh, we just started 2015 and we already think about 2016, but thats the life of a wedding planner!) your wedding planner in Tuscany has selected two new wedding destinations in Italy.Venice-winter_2370349b

The first one is the love city, the very much romantic Venice, with its canals, churches, small islands, gondolas etc..Marry in the ST Mark Basilica can be one of the churches in use, have a reception in a historical palace where Casanova lived or have a brunch in one of the five star on the canal. Pretend to live the wedding like George Clooney did with his spouse few months ago.

The other destination is completely different: your wedding planner takes you to the heart of the king of all wines, the Barolo, in an amazing wine estate close to La Morra. Excellent Barolo wine, vinyards, a two suite bedroom where you can stay for the first night and a close Relais where your guests can stay and enjoy a week end in the lad of the wine, but also of the chocolate! This location is for wine lovers, for country chic weddings, for quality on top, for a very relaxing wedding week end in a magical and dramatic land, such as Piedmont.


These two locations for the high stardand quality they offer can be considered Luxury destination, therefore, I regret to say that no low cost budget will fit these two places.

For info on dates available and costs