A new life for Wtuscany&Events in Italy

Everthying changes, we develop ourselves constantly. My company as well.

Starting next year my company will go under a massive change.

I will organize more exclusive and upscale weddings.
This is not a snobbish attitude but simply I want my clients experiencing not only a wedding in Tuscany but the best possible memories to share with the loved ones, I want them to experience everything: from food cooked by top italian chefs, to exclusive locations, the best vendors ever, the most remarkable moment of the life of the bride and the groom.
Photographers, florists, make up hair, musicians, to DJ will be among the most qualified and professional in Tuscany.
To do this I need to concentrate most of my time in weddings in Tuscany, with some exception for weddings in other part of Italy but always in the same line.

January Brazilian elopment : a letter from the groom

Today I decided to share with you the letter a groom wrote me few weeks ago. I asked him the permission to publish it and he said yes, of course, publish everything.

I am not very inclined to share my successes but this couple was so in much with the city and with everyhting that I decided to share with you. The letter is in english.

You can see some pictures here, the link of the photographer  http://www.photographertuscany.com/florence/winter-elopement-florence/

Hello dear Simona .

How are you?
First of all excuse me for the delay in response, I was until last
week traveling through Brazil since I came back, solving various
professional matters and I chose to write you when I got home, with
calm and tranquility.
First of all I would like to thank from all my heart that you have
been present at our wedding, to have been part of the happiest day of
my life! It was all very beautiful, exactly the way we dream one day,
by the way was better that we dream before.
The ceremony, the church, the city, the day was absolutely magical
indeed not remember in all my life have felt a thrill like this. I
should also mention how much Lyana and I appreciate your work and how
held at our wedding, although we have known each other in a short time
and for a few hours, we sympathize much with your person from the
bottom of our hearts!
We are in love with Florence, Italy and Europe in general, I come by
this email thank you so much, every day I remember the times we lived
on that date as if they were today.
Our trip was wonderful and amazing, we are lots more happy and mature,
more united as a couple in general, and above it we came back with a
wish in common is that go live in Europe.
We consider several things and think too much, this will not out of
our head, the more we have some fears and anxieties that’s why I’m
telling you this, cause you borned and lives there and can tell us
something relevant as your point of vision.
As you know we have a very good life and well economically structured
in Brazil, Lyana is profissional advertising and has a job very solid,
me along with my father have industry and we have some goods that are
significant, in a rational way would be to madness leave it to
eventually go through the most difficult situations going to live
there. But just as we have faith in our will and competence in triumph
even in adversity, in reality this experience also encourages us,
because we live things different and I believe that life is more
interesting about these new experiences and challenges that we propose
instead to stay always in the most safe and comfortable.
What makes us think is also the situation in which Brazil is
experiencing, unfortunately the culture here means people find that
cool is not be correct, it is always profit over the next, this comes
from the highest ruler, we have no security, we get out our house
without knowing whether we will return, or if we will return live.
It´s sad, but unfortunatly true.
We saw the way people act there, much people act properly and respect
the next it makes us admire and want to live in that reality. We are
afraid of failure we feel our parents with distance, but they love us
and support us in the decision that we gonna make.
Well, sorry to take your time but thought that an idea or guidance
coming of you would be very interesting and important to us.
It was a pleasure meeting you, a honor have your talent to make our
special moment, you are very competent and a incredible profissional.
I miss Italy every day, as I told you I feel an absurd desire to live
there. Meanwhile’ll see what life brings me.
Thanks again and I hope that one day Lyana and I can find you again.

A big kiss.

New wedding destinations for 2016

For the upcoming season (Gosh, we just started 2015 and we already think about 2016, but thats the life of a wedding planner!) your wedding planner in Tuscany has selected two new wedding destinations in Italy.Venice-winter_2370349b

The first one is the love city, the very much romantic Venice, with its canals, churches, small islands, gondolas etc..Marry in the ST Mark Basilica can be one of the churches in use, have a reception in a historical palace where Casanova lived or have a brunch in one of the five star on the canal. Pretend to live the wedding like George Clooney did with his spouse few months ago.

The other destination is completely different: your wedding planner takes you to the heart of the king of all wines, the Barolo, in an amazing wine estate close to La Morra. Excellent Barolo wine, vinyards, a two suite bedroom where you can stay for the first night and a close Relais where your guests can stay and enjoy a week end in the lad of the wine, but also of the chocolate! This location is for wine lovers, for country chic weddings, for quality on top, for a very relaxing wedding week end in a magical and dramatic land, such as Piedmont.


These two locations for the high stardand quality they offer can be considered Luxury destination, therefore, I regret to say that no low cost budget will fit these two places.

For info on dates available and costs wtuscanyeeventsinitaly@gmail.com

Attention please, 2015 dates sold out


I cannot beleive I am sold out.

When I see a sold out sign I immagine theatres or stadium full of people, not weddings, but yes for 2015 I am sold out!  

I can organize only very small weddings (maximun 5-8 people) or elopments in some week day in the end of June or July and only in Florence or immediate surroundings.

For further info on 2016 weddings please check the available dates writing at the following at these two emails



A wedding in Chianti, the fairytale weddings that everyone wants

2-small-luxury-wedding-resortOrganizing a wedding in Chianti is the dream of many bride and groom to be. Olive trees, vinyards, castles and villas spread all over like a painting. This is the dream of the couple who want to have an unforgettable family wedding: cozy, romantic and with a special feeling.

Where to start

There are few things to keep in mind. Most of the farmhouse (agriturismi) require a full occupancy of beds in high season, therefore if you pay also for the stay of your guests can be very expensive. The best choice could be renting a villa in the countryside and then hiring a chef. In order to do that a year in advance booking is required. If you choose a hotel in Chianti for your big day you need to know that probably you will be not the only one to stay there therefore guests can stroll around the hotel and be part of the wedding, a solution that i don’t particularly love :)

When to marry in Chianti

Well, the spring, summer, fall, theese seasons are extraordinary for their colours. Spring is the blossom of nature. Flowers are at thier most in terms of colours and smell. Summer have neverlasting days with sunset at around 9pm, warm days and coolest nights.The Fall probably, give the best colours: red, yellow, brown. The days are a little bit shorter but the light is perfect for pictures, with fiery sunset and mild temperature and last but least, prices are lower than high season!


wtuscanyeeventsinitaly@gmail.com or simocappi@gmail.com

Destination wedding, Italy, of course!

I still remember the big fuss around David Bowie and Iman wedding in Florence in 1992. At that time it was really weird that someone so famous could choose Florence to get married. The wedding tourism wasn’t so strong as it is now and seeing all the rich and famous strolling around the Renaissance capital was really amazing.


Photo taken from Hello Magazine, latest issue

After that wedding many others followed, and the last in order of time the Hollywood star (soon a politician?), George Clooney and his brunette bride, Amal Alamuddin, a lawyer based in London.

They tied the knot in a lavish three or four days party in Venice. More than a wedding was like going to see the red carpet at the Oscars, but even if Venezia stopped for a long week end and the venetian people were not so happy, the couple had their fairy tale wedding in one of the most romantic, dramatic and unique city in the world. And the list is long and let me tell you that not only the rich and famous choose Italy but also millions of couple around the world: american, british, northern european, japanese, brazilians, indians come in the Bel paese to wed, to renew vows, for a wedding honey moon, to elope etc….

Why everyone come in Italy to marry? 

The question could be easy to answer: becasue Italy is the most beautiful country in the world but this answer could seem insignificant.  Yes, the landscapes, the art cities, the cypresses, the vinyards, the olive trees, the blu sky and blue sea, the food, the wine, the atmosphere, and the people, of course. There is something more.

The cost

Weddings in Italy can cost much less than a wedding in your origin country, I dont want to say, that is cheap but unless you come with 100 guests and you pay for everybody, the cost is in proportion with what you have. Good value for good money.

I usually do weddings for a minimum of two people ( bride and groom) to a maximum of 60 people becasue I like that weddings remain a private thing.

To me weddings are a private issue, and I will never stop to act like this. If you decide to marry in Italy, you do it for several reason, but most of all, you just want to have an unforgettable experience, a memory that lasts forever and because you want to have a moment to share with your loved ones.

Rich and famous that tied the knot in Italy:

Tyron Power and Linda Cristian, Rome

David Bowie and Iman, Florence

Sophia Coppola and Thomas Mars, Bernalda (south Italy)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Florence

Aradhana Lohia and Kevin Sharma, Florence

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, Venice

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, Puglia

Ritika Agarwal e Rohan Mehta, Puglia

Charlie Gilkes and Anneka Von Trotha Taylor, Puglia

Princess Maria Carolina of Bourbon-Parma, Marchioness of Sala, Duchess of Guernica and Albert Brenninkmeijer, Florence

And many others, not so rich and famous maybe, but to me, the most important .

A blessing with a view

20140913_163112 A blessing   is just a symbolic ceremony, no legal value, but very, very emotional. Generally speaking it is only an exchange of vows or renew of the vows or simply to have a ceremony that celebrates the love between tow people (no matter the gender).

Renata and Felipe decided to have a blessing in front of Florence, in the terrace of Grand Hotel Minerva.


After the ceremony we had a drink in the bar and then the bride and the groom went for a stroll along the streets of Florence, naturally a stop in front of Ponte Vecchio couldn’t be missed!

foto 2 foto 420140913_172356

and last but not least our amazing Ponte!


Ceremony site: Grand Hotel Minerva

Celebrant: Francesca Celebrant, Italian Wedding Celebrant

Bouquet:  Stefania Masiani

Wedding and event coordinator :Simona Cappitelli

Photographer, Alessandro Giannini in Firenze

Make up and hair: Contrasto Aveda

I like small weddings!


Another amazing, small, intimate, elegant wedding in the city centre of Florence. The church is the same: the complesso di San Firenze, afterwards an amazing dinner at Dei Frescobaldi restaurant in via dei Magazzini with a pre cocktail at Gucci caffè.

The couple, a doctor and a financial manager, decided to tie the knot in the cradle of Renaissance with just their close family and some close friends ina very warm and sunny day. Would you wish to have the same kind of weddings? Ask me how, still available date for end of June and beginning of July.



20140906_153146 foto da paparazzo torta


20140906_180315 20140906_180335 20140906_180619 20140906_180638 20140906_180655 11 12 13 14 15

Wedding and event planner: Simona Cappitelli

Photographer: Rosa Paola Lucibelli

Video : Rony Cadavid (Lanzalibre)

Flower: Il Fioraio di Stefania Masiani

Wedding dinner: Dei Frescobaldi Restaurant

Hair: Contrasto Aveda, Via de’ Neri

Make up: Alessia Carmignani

Plan your wedding like a music star


There is a famous british couple who in 1999 came for the first time in Tuscany (precisely few km outside Florence, in Figline Valdarno) and fell in love with a, almost ruined, hamlet. Nothing strange, many british people from the late 1800 come to Chianti and fell in love with this place over and over again: how can you blame them?

Hilltop town, hectares of vinyards, countryhouses spread all over as well medieval castles, olive groves, blu sky, mild temperature in summer, a perfect place to raise children (in fact the last one was born in Tuscany), to have dinners and lunch with friends or organize private concerts. Yes, because the famous one is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, aka Sting, the front man of Police, now an amazing solo singer and his wife, Trudie Styler, married in this paradise years ago.

The estate is named Il Palagio.

The Estate produce extra virgin olive oil, wine of course, and honey but since few months ago you can rent a part of the estate for weddings or private events such as indoor, pollside, cellars, loggia, terrace or countryside.

The estate can be rented from as little as 20 guests to 400 and prices of rent varies. Please for quotation and info info@latestimonedinozze.com or simocappi@gmail.com


 Há um casal britânico famoso que, em 1999, veio pela primeira vez na Toscana (precisamente poucos km fora de Florença, em Incisa Valdarno) e se apaixonou por um, quase em ruínas, Hamlet. Nada de estranho, muitos britânicos a partir do final de 1800 veio para Chianti e me apaixonei por este lugar uma e outra vez: como você pode culpá-los?
Cidade morro, hectares de vinhedos, casas de campo espalhados por todo castelos medievais bem, olivais, céu azul, temperatura amena no verão, um lugar perfeito para criar os filhos (na verdade, o último nasceu na Toscana), ter jantares e almoço com amigos ou organizar concertos privados. Sim, porque o famoso é Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, aka Sting, o homem de frente da polícia, agora um cantor solo incrível e sua esposa, Trudie Styler, casada neste paraíso anos.

A propriedade é chamado Il Palagio.

A propriedade produz azeite extra virgem, vinho, é claro, e mel, mas desde há alguns meses você pode alugar uma parte da propriedade para casamentos ou eventos privados, como interior, pollside, adegas, loggia, terraço ou no campo.

O imóvel pode ser alugado a partir de tão pouco quanto 20 a 400 convidados e os preços do aluguel varia. Por favor para cotação e informações info@latestimonedinozze.com ou simocappi@gmail.com