Intimate wedding : consider to rent a villa

In this time of COVID and will all the restrictions we are forced to follow, couple could consider an intimate wedding and not giving up their dream.

It could be a sort of family gathering or a friends vacation with a ceremony, something you will for sure be unforgettable and far from being sad.

Consider the fact to be surrounded by just your close ones , few really good friends, renting a villa and celebrate your day with just the ones you want beside you.

When I started WTuscany and Events project I had clear in mind that I wanted to focus on small gatherings not because as many can think it is easier to work but because I wanted to focus more on the couples and details that, sometimes, in large weddings you are loosing.


Going small is synonymous also to cut your wedding budget but still have the wedding of your dream. I met several couples who wanted to go small, that they did not like a big and fussy wedding and they had the best times of their lives.

I have special packages for 2022 and 2023 just pop in your ideas or visit and fill up the form

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